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If you're a business owner and are looking to promote your website online, to generate more sales, or leads, we can help your business, just like how are helping other business unleash their websites full potential.

Your investment in SEO will provide you highest long return, with our friendly staff, and consultants we can work with you to ensure that your website is fully optimised.

SEO is not rocket Science, but does require skill and know age to be coastally applied to your website, that's what you hire us for, so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

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SEO has always been the most cost effective method for marketing online. SEO helps derive targeted traffic to your site which has a high probability of getting converted to inquiries having high sales potential. SEO has a very wide connotation and does not stop at just the Keyword Research or is not measured only by rankings.
SEO for us is about helping you etch footprints of your website on the digital land of the web for an over all quality web presence.

SEO is not only ranking for the No. 1 position in SERPs (Search Engine Results Position). The effective SEO campaign focuses on the strategies for conversions and the study of analytics. Every website is at a different stage of its web journey and needs to be attended to with a special strategy to attain maximum results in due course of time.

The true success of any SEO campaign can be achieved only if there is a web culture in the organization and are willing to develop the aptitude of understanding the search engines and online behavior of the visitors to the site. Our team can help develop that culture in the organization and get your team familiar with the SEO terminology and the online marketing jargon so that everything starts to seem simple and achievable by your team.

Google continuously updateds the search algorithm and the SEO campaigns also need to shift their focus accordingly. Our SEO campaign deliverables are continuously updated to suit the changing scenario of the search scene.

Currently our SEO Campaign focuses on the following aspects of the website online and offline:

Keyword Research:

Every SEO campaign starts with Keyword Research. We not only focus on the keywords suggested by keyword research tools and Adwords but also focus on the possible psychologies of people from various geographic areas unless you are focusing only on a very specific region where only the lingo and jargon of that place matters for the search of that site. Instead of  focusing on only certain fixed key terms we try to keep the possibilities of a wider set of permutations and combinations of keyphrases open for the site. 

On Page Factors:

• Title Tags
• Description Tags
• Suggestions for landing pages to make them more effective
• Work on the site architecture and navigation
• Image optimization
• Making the maximum benefit from videos on the site
• Header Tags
• Working on the content to ensure that it falls in the category of quality content

Off Page Factors and Quality Web Presence:

• Integrating Social Media
• Social Media sites focused are Twitter, Google+ profile and pages , Facebook Business Page and Linkedin Profile
• Training the in house staff on how to use social media effectively to establish trust and authority
• Guidance on how to develop a blog and maintain it
• Improve on the quality of existing inbound links to the site by working on the details about the domain authority, Anchor Text and the relevant linked page from the external site.

Local Search

• Adding the details to Google Places
• Submission in the important local directories used widely in that area
• Suggesting methods by which you can encourage customers to write reviews

Other Technical Factors:

• Set the canonical issues
• Robots.txt
• XML Sitemaps
• Validated hCard on the contact page and In the footer or header of each page as per the requirement of the site
• hReviews for testimonials
• W3C Validation
• Customized 404 (Page Not Found) Page
• Work on Improving the Site Speed

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Our SEO Ethics
  • At Alrayes we commit ourselves to an open and transparent approach to SEO. Our SEO services help you get your site a listing in the major search engines for the relevant keywords as high as possible with all the possible SEO ethical ways.

  • We do not use any unethical or black hat methods of SEO like cloaking, doorway pages, keyword stuffing, hidden text, external landing pages, link farms, or spam of any kind. Some SEO companies use all or some of the above-mentioned unethical ways to optimize a site. Such methods if detected by the search engines will make them exclude your site from their listings permanently.

  • Hence, the best way is to follow the patient and perseverant path of ethical SEO and have a confirmed position in the search engines. This surely assures targeted traffic and more valuable visibility on the net.
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