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Are you looking to explore your brand and reach via mobile technology? Alrayes can assist your brand in developing
a custom business mobile app, that works along with your website.

Our mobile development team with more than 5 years of experience in respective fields, will custom design your mobile app and develop it to your requirements.

The internet is changing and more and more users have access to smart phones, as your brand grows, having a presence on such devices will not just benefit your business but the overall customer experience.

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Our consultants will contact you for a FREE in-depth consultation, to go over and discuss your requirements such as:
  • Nature of business.
  • What you are looking to achieve with your app
  • Our recommendations.
  • Any questions or concerns that you may have.


We will put together a proposal for your project, outlining all the features, and concept, the proposal will outline:
  • Project requirements.
  • Projects features and concept.
  • Investment required.
  • Time line for completion.
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Our Solution & Expertise
  • Multi Platform ? We build apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry Market
  • Full app management ? have access to your app via a control panel
  • Custom stylish design ? designed according to your requirements and brand
  • App Analytics ? view the performance of your app
  • Push notification ? send out instant alerts and messages to all app users

whatare What Are Mobile Apps?

Mobile apps are applications that run on smart phones such as iPhones, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones. The Mobile apps generally assist users in providing a solution or offering entertainment though their mobile deceives. Mobile apps connect to the internet via wireless connection or the phones network provider to fetch information. At times mobile apps also download the data when you first download the app, which can also be used in offline mode.

Mobile apps are a growing trend, with more and more business developing apps to stay competitive in the market. On the other hand, it offers great flexibility from a user experience, as the apps are stored direct on the phone, and there is no need to go and search for company information or products on the web, as it s all accessible at a click of a finger.

How Can Apps Help Your Business?

Build your brand & Reach: Smart phones have changed the way we do business, and interact with each other, overall every other person has a smart phone. By building a mobile app for your business, your are tapping into a new audiences for your business, and attracting new customers. When someone downloads or shares your app, your company logo and details are also visible.

Not everyone that visits your website will generally buy at first, but by offering an app which they can download and save you have established a new connection which you can nurture.

Easy of use: Users on the move generally want to access information quickly and easily, your company app will be able to offer this user experience to all of your customers. Your users will not need to go around and search the web, where else the information is ready to be given to them though the app. Such as product inventory, pictures, driving directions and much more.

Depending on your business you can develop your app to meet your customers needs.

Push Notification: One of the main benefits of users downloading your business app, is that you can send push notification directly to all of your app users. Your business can offer a discount or a promotion just for your app users which you can push right to them. With push notification you can
- Keep your users informed
- Engage with your users
- Drive traffic to your business online and offline

Scenarios of business using mobile apps

Restaurant and Takeaways:
An app for your restaurant or takeaway can allow your users to easily access and order their menu direct from the phone. The users can also book a table in advance using an app. Giving them flexibility. Which the business owner will get confirmationn and make prepration accordingly.

As a business owner, you can send out notification to all of your users such as Buy one Get one Free offer today, which will increase traffic and bran awareness.

A car garage business can benefit from an app by having the below features on the app:
- Book an appointment
- Reminder, reminds the app user when their next service or MOT is due.
- View car reports

An Ecommerce retailer can benefit from a mobile app by having the below
- Live product inventory, images, reviews, and sharing options.
- One click easy checkout
- Alert and notification of new products, sales and offers

We can assist you in building a custom app for your business, contact us today on 08450 21 00 23