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SEO Reports And Calculation of ROI

Reports are sent every month.

Format Of Report 1:

      DOMAIN NAME    
Month Visits New Visits Visits From Search Engines Visits From Google Bounce Rate
Oct 2011

• Visits: This is the total no. Of visits for that month. This will give you an idea of increase or decrease in the no. of visits from all sources.

• New Visits: The no. Of new visits to your site. New visit means the visitor who is viewing your site for the first time. There is an exception and an approximation in this metric as the GA uses a JavaScript to track the visitor behavior and uses cookies for that, a visitor who may have visited your site earlier but has deleted the cookies and views your site after that then that same visitor is considered as a new visit though actually it is an old or a repeat visit. So, this data has to taken keeping an approximation in mind.

• Visits From Search Engines: This gives you the data of how many visits the site has got from all the search engines. This can be filtered more to view the no. of visits from each search engine.

• Visits From Google: After you filter the data from the (total visits) to (visits from search engines) to (visits from Google) you can track and monitor the increase or decrease from this source and hence measure the success of the SEO campaign on Google.

• Bounce Rate: This again is an important factor which may not exactly give you an idea about the progress of the SEO on the site but it will surely give you an idea about how many people are finding the landing page interesting enough to view other pages of the website for more information about your company. The Bounce Rate tells you about the no. of visitors who went back from the landing page itself and did not view any other page. This data is in percentage form.

When we maintain this table month-wise it gives us a clear idea about the SEO performance of the site and helps us gear the SEO campaign and tweak the website according to the data available.

Format Of Report 2:

Domain Name (Ranking Report For Oct.2011)      
Demo Kkeyword
Page 2
Page 1


Format Of Report 3:

Avg. Time on Site % New Visits Bounce Rate
3 mins

Report 1 gives you a quantifying data but Report 2 and Report 3 denote the quality of the SEO campaign which can l be judged by the keywords with which the site is ranking and the increase in the no. of targeted keywords , long tails keywords on the search engines.

Google Analytics has got a plethora of data on various metrics available for every site, we can create a login for you to view the reports yourself for analysis or we can discuss the metrics and performance of the site with your team as required.

Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google Places, Google+ Business Page and every other Google Product which has been used to promote the web presence will be created or added to the company Google Account so that you have ownership to the digital assets created for the company as a part of the SEO campaign.

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Our SEO Ethics
  • At Alrayes we commit ourselves to an open and transparent approach to SEO. Our SEO services help you get your site a listing in the major search engines for the relevant keywords as high as possible with all the possible SEO ethical ways.

  • We do not use any unethical or black hat methods of SEO like cloaking, doorway pages, keyword stuffing, hidden text, external landing pages, link farms, or spam of any kind. Some SEO companies use all or some of the above-mentioned unethical ways to optimize a site. Such methods if detected by the search engines will make them exclude your site from their listings permanently.

  • Hence, the best way is to follow the patient and perseverant path of ethical SEO and have a confirmed position in the search engines. This surely assures targeted traffic and more valuable visibility on the net.